Joyce Slobogian
“The work never matches
the dream of perfection
the artist has to start with.”
William Faulkner

That quotation seems to mirror my feelings with every
piece of work I put on paper. I write it and then read it
and re-read it, and I’m always left with something that
could be improved. At some point I have to accept that
the piece is as good as it’s going to be and that there is
no such thing as perfection. Getting to that point is a
constant struggle within my mind.

“Why are you doing this then?” you may ask. The answer
is simple – because I cannot imagine a day without
putting words on paper. Nothing gives me more pleasure
than to be able to write a paragraph, a sentence, even a
word, which expresses just what I wanted to say. It’s a
piece of my own private paradise.

The hardest thing about writing is not putting down the
words – it’s selling them. As a freelancer especially, one
must try and try again to get editors interested. Marketing
is the hardest thing imaginable for me. I am not good at
telling people that I really have a good piece of writing to
offer them.

I hope that this site will please you and get you
interested in my writing. It takes various forms – articles,
humour articles, short stories and poetry. I have tried my
hand at drama, too. I published two book of
mystery/suspense and am working on exploring the lives
of the main characters in further volumes in the series.